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Field Representatives

Hunter, Laura, and Lailyn Grills

Hunter, Laura, and Lailyn Grills

Hunter and Laura have been with the Lighthouse Children’s Homes since the fall of 2021. They were both raised in Christian homes and came to a knowledge of salvation at a young age. Both received the Lord as their personal Savior at the age of eight. The couple met in Pensacola, Florida, in 2019 and married a year later. In July 2024, God blessed them with a sweet baby girl, Lailyn Ann.

The family is members of Bible Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and serves as field representatives, primarily focusing on West Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, western Kentucky, and other areas of the country.

The Grills family resides in West Tennessee and works on the family farm. The Lord has blessed them with the opportunity to be involved in agriculture, which provides for their needs and allows them to serve in the ministry. Their desire is to use the resources and blessings God has given them to advance the kingdom of God and the work of the ministry.

God used Romans 15:1-3 to call the family into the ministry. With both having been raised in Christian homes and receiving Christ at a young age, their prayer is to reach many children who then might have the opportunity for a Christian upbringing as well.

Contact the Grills:

Phone: (731) 334-2075


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