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Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program

The “Sponsor-A-Child” program provides an avenue whereby an individual, a Sunday school class or a Church can sponsor a particular child for $35.00 per month. The child will write a personal letter to the sponsor every month. The Sponsorship program creates a more personal, one on one relationship between the sponsor and the child.

If you, your Sunday school class, or Church would like to sponsor one of the Lighthouse children we have listed the children below that need a sponsor. Your sponsorship will help us to provide the basic needs for that child. It takes several sponsors to provide for each child. Together we can rescue these children for the Lord.

God bless you.

Shantal- Philippines

Shantal was left with her grandmother when she was very young because her parents were very poor and unable to care for her and her older sister. Shantal has lived with her grandmother for most of her life. A friend let Shantal’s  grandmother know that there was a children’s Home that might be a good option for Shantal and the other children that had been abandoned to live with her.  Upon meeting the director’s of the Home she decided it would be very good for the children to live there and she brought them to the Home in May of 2021. Shantal is settling in very well and is glad to have a more secure future through her new life at the Home. We ask that you please pray that she receives Christ soon and continues to do well in her new home.

Sponsor Shantal and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.  

Angelica– Philippines

Angelica has suffered tremendous loss in her young life.  Her beloved mother contracted lupus four years ago, and succumbed to her disease very quickly.  One year later, her father abandoned Angelica to a grandmother to start a new life with another woman in another city.  When Angelica’s mother was alive, she would take her to church and teach her about the Lord.  Her grandmother attends the church associated with the Home and Angelica has been praying for a while that God would let her live there.  Since coming to the Home Angelica has become a great help and we look forward to offering her some stability and pray for her spiritual growth.

Sponsor Angelica and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.

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