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Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program

The “Sponsor-A-Child” program provides an avenue whereby an individual, a Sunday school class or a Church can sponsor a particular child for $35.00 per month. The child will write a personal letter to the sponsor every month. The Sponsorship program creates a more personal, one on one relationship between the sponsor and the child.

If you, your Sunday school class, or Church would like to sponsor one of the Lighthouse children we have listed the children below that need a sponsor. Your sponsorship will help us to provide the basic needs for that child. It takes several sponsors to provide for each child. Together we can rescue these children for the Lord.

God bless you.

Nataly - Mexico

Nataly comes from a very poor family and has had a difficult start in life.  For a time, she was locked inside her own home while both of her parents worked.  Nataly was forced to be responsible for her younger siblings when their parents would put them on the street.  Nataly has 2 older siblings that have been involved with drugs and are now in prison.  The church that Jonathan Bryan pastors is close to where Nataly and her brothers were growing up.  Church members noticed the young children were often unattended in the streets near the church.  Eventually, the parents asked Jonathan if they could send their kids to the Home.  Since coming to the Home, Nataly is learning to trust adults to care for her and her brothers. We look forward to seeing how God will help this young girl in the future.


Sponsor Nataly and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.  

Greatchen– Philippines

Greatchen had a very rough beginning. Her parents never married and abandoned her and her sister with a grandmother.  While living with her, the parents gave no money and the grandmother was quickly becoming unable to support them. The local church that she is a member of was in the process of building a children’s Home, and she felt like the new Home was an answer to her prayers.  She brought the girls to the Lighthouse in 2017.  Since coming to the Home, Greatchen has learned it is ok to be a child again and is beginning to thrive.  She has received Christ as her Savior and loves learning new things about the Lord. She also does very well in school and is regularly rewarded for her dilligence.   Greatchen has made great progress and we look forward to seeing how God will mold this wonderful child in the future. 


Sponsor Greatchen and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.

Neyla – Panama

Neyla is from Guayabal on the Indian reservation.  She has five brothers and she is the only girl in the family.  It is a 7 hour trip for her to go to high school and it is a dangerous route.  Her father is a pastor; he and his wife have no other helpers in the church.  Neyla wants to complete her education and also receive instruction in the Bible Institute so that she can return to Guayabal to help in the church where her father pastors.  Neyla is a sweet girl with a great desire to learn (academically and spiritually) and is a great asset to the Home and local church in San Felix.  Please pray for this sweet young lady and her academic and spiritual growth.


Sponsor Neyla and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.

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