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Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program

The “Sponsor-A-Child” program provides an avenue whereby an individual, a Sunday school class or a Church can sponsor a particular child for $35.00 per month. The child will write a personal letter to the sponsor every month. The Sponsorship program creates a more personal, one on one relationship between the sponsor and the child.

If you, your Sunday school class, or Church would like to sponsor one of the Lighthouse children we have listed the children below that need a sponsor. Your sponsorship will help us to provide the basic needs for that child. It takes several sponsors to provide for each child. Together we can rescue these children for the Lord.

God bless you.

David Perez- Philippines

When David was very young, his mother went to prison and his father sent him to live with his great-grandmother. Because David’s great-grandmother is almost legally blind, she used him to help her get around and function in society. This way of growing up meant that David had very little opportunity to attend a school or just be a kid.  In August of 2020, David’s great-grandmother was able to get the help she needed from another source and David joined his brother at the Home.  Since coming to the Home, David has adjusted well to living with the other children.  We ask that you please pray for his education and that he accepts Christ as his Savior soon.

Watch Chris Hunter introduce you to David.




Sponsor David and help provide a safe and loving environment for him to grow up in.  

Ismael– Mexico

Ismael came to the Home in December of 2016. At that time, his mother had no way to care for him or his older brother. She found out about the Home through her sister, who has two children in the Girls Home.  Since coming to the Lighthouse, Ismael has grown accustomed to being pretty much the center of attention. He is a delightful young child who is loved by all his “new family.” Ismael is very smart and is learning many words in Spanish. He loves to watch Paw Patrol videos, play with the other children, and he can’t live without his “Boo” (his favorite stuffed animal).  We ask that you please pray for this precious child as we look forward to guiding him into a brighter future. 




Sponsor Ismael and help provide a safe and loving environment for him to grow up in.

Hermelinda– Panama

Hermelinda has 8 brothers and sisters and they all live in the reservation on the mountain.  Her father abandoned the family many years ago.  She was not able to continue her education after 6th grade because there were no schools of higher education near her.  She was walking 4 hours one way to reach a high school.  Hermelinda has been saved and is a faithful member of the church in her town. She was received into the Home so that she could complete her education. She is a hard working young lady who is eager to help in the Home and in the local church in San Felix.




Sponsor Hermelinda and help provide a safe and loving environment for her to grow up in.

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