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[Lighthouse Daily Devotion] Fools For Jesus

Fools For Jesus
Submitted by Frank Williams
July 8, 2024

1Co 4:10 We are fools for Christ's sake...we are weak...we are despised.

To the world, living for Jesus is foolish. To them, it is a waste of time. The context refers to the Apostles in particular, and other Scriptures apply it to all believers.

A law firm in Amarillo, TX offered W.A. Criswell college and law school tuition. In the summer, he could work for the firm. After graduation, he could then become a partner in the firm.

When he replied that he could not accept the offer because God had called  him to be a preacher and a pastor, they exclaimed, “How could a young man like you waste your life being a preacher?”

To the secular world, Christianity is fanatical and madness. They do not understand our commitment. They see it as silly to follow Jesus, Whom they think, is dead and gone. When a Christian is wronged but does not seek revenge, unbelievers see it as a sign of weakness.

A saved person knows that it takes unnatural strength not to react the way our flesh wants to and to wait on the Lord to deal with a situation as He sees fit. It takes an incredible amount of commitment and faith to take God at His Word—and trust that if we obey, He will honor His promises.

But the world hates those who obey God’s Word. Your obedience to the Lord often convicts the unsaved of their unrighteousness. The lost do not know how to deal with the guilt they have from their sins. Instead of repenting from their iniquities, they often choose to hate those that remind them of their transgressions.

Many believers do without the finer things in this life so they can serve God in a faraway mission field, work for a low wage to teach in a Christian school, or sacrifice to be a pastor. Some believers have even gone to jail rather than deviate from their convictions.

Foolishness! The lost (and carnal believers) do not have a clue why anyone would do such a thing.  The world sees our behavior and scratches their heads. It is not how they were taught to be satisfied and “succeed” in this world.

Our actions and thinking differ from how the world thinks or reacts. We know from the Eternal Truth in God’s Word the realities that exist in the spiritual realm. And we know that our Father is pleased with an obedient follower of Jesus.

Consider – We must serve the Lord no matter the cost.

Did You Know? In 2006, a Coca-Cola employee offered to sell Coca-Cola secrets to Pepsi. Pepsi responded by notifying Coca-Cola.

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