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The Lighthouse Children's Home in Panama

Alex and Mirtha Taylor are the Directors of the Lighthouse in Panama.  The Taylors are from Costa Rica and have been Missionaries to the Guaymie Indians for many years.  During their time in Panama, they have started over 16 churches.

Started in 2010, the Home in Panama has been a safe haven for girls from the Indian Reservation.  Drugs, drunkenness, and immorality are prevalent and the children are forced to do without the necessities of life.

Not only does the Home provide a physically safe place for the girls, but the Home also meets their spiritual and educational needs.  There are still many spiritual and supernatural misconceptions and practices on the reservation.  Some of these include witch-doctors, starving twins to lift a family curse, and a mistrust of modern medical practices.  The Home provides the girls with the true path to salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ through daily devotions, local church activity, and Christian Service.  

The girls are also provided a sound education in a culture where educating women beyond the fifth grade is deemed unnecessary.   Several of the girls have graduated High School and College and are using the skills learned to minister to their people.

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